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Hemp Gummies By Gummimi

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Our anti-anxiety gummies benefits:

Helps to reduce stress and anxiety: it brings you a good relaxing effect, brings you the power to deal with everyday routine and helps to concentrate on difficult tasks.

Enriches your sleep quality: it’s not a chemical pillow – we promote natural sleep and our product would definitely help you to get into it much easier.

Dietary supplement: you can eat our edible gummies daily as an adding to the meal. It is made from seeds hemp oil. Gummies leave a nice aftertaste, even can replace the bubblegum.

Healthy and sweet: calm gummies are a great health supplement. They are gluten-free, gmo-free, organic candy with natural supplements. There is no gmo, artificial color or fragrance.

Addiction withdrawal: helps to quit with bad habits like smoking cigarettes or nails biting.

Three different flavors: you are to choose one of three fruity tastes: strawberry, pineapple or cherry.

All ages: our gummy bears can be used by kids and adults both. Healthy thing for your whole family.

Significant reasons to choose your teddy:

  • naturally relieve anxiety and stress;
  • promote healthy & natural sleep cycles;
  • reduce chronic pains & body aches;
  • noticeably enhance focus & clarity;
  • minimize pain inflammatory & swelling;
  • decrease hormonal imbalances;
  • increases hair strength and the quality of nails;
  • natural ingredients & vitamins;
  • manufactured in the USA.

 Features & details

  • Care about vitamins and fatty acids balance: there are omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin e, b; product is irreplaceably good; gluten-free, organic candy with natural supplements
  • Reduce pain: effectively reduce chronic pain, arthritis, knee, joints and nerve pain
  • We know how to calm you down: helps for anxiety relief, brings relax and calm; effective sleep aid gummies; mood up – stress down
  • Not enough sleep: apply our hemp gummies to improve your sleep and rest better, forgetting about insomnia; you don't need melatonin at night or caffeine at the morning anymore