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Dabbing Temperatures

Dabbing Temperatures

Standard dabbing range: 545-570°F

545-570°F is a good overall range for most dabs, especially live resin, sugar resin, shatter, crumble, and rosin. Dabbing these types of concentrates in this range will completely vaporize the dab, capturing its flavor, potency, and essence without scorching or combusting any of the heat-sensitive terpenes.

Many e-nails give you a temperature reading for the heater coil, so account for some slight variation of heat transfer from the coil to the dabbing surface when using them. Some, such as the MiniNail, have factory-calibrated controllers to account for this loss of heat, and their temperature readout gives you more precise control over your dabbing experience.

Low-temp dabs: 400-500°F

Low-temps dabs are for people looking for the most flavorful experience. With reduced temperatures and a cooler nail surface, you’re able to preserve the flavors and terpenes in your dabs better. 

Concentrates can melt at as little as 350°F, and from the graph above you can see that most terpenes and cannabinoids have a boiling point under 400°F, but low-temp dabs need to be a little higher than that and are generally in the 400-450°F range. For example, the Puffco Peak’s lowest setting is 450°F.

Know that low-temp dabs can be wasteful—you’ll likely get a small pool of oil in your nail that won’t completely vaporize, which is where the phrase “You got to waste it to taste it” comes from. Some dabbers are OK with this, but others will tell you it’s a waste of good concentrate.